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The award winning patented Bottle Snuggler® is the must have new product:


  • Moms love Bottle Snugglers®- The Feeding Time Helper!


  • Makes a great gift!


  • Perfect for multiples!


  • A helping hand for caregivers!


  • Promotes bonding between baby and parent!


  • Interactive features engage baby!


  • Soft feel for baby's comfort!

Other Great Features:


  • Bottle Snugglers are baby’s most loyal bottle support system and fits most standard bottles.


  • Soft velour fabric make this the plushest pal and feeding time friend.


  • Interactive features such as crinkly ears and tail and a squeak toy in the foot make this more than just a bottle holder.


  • Each Bottle Snuggler comes with two adjustable bottle bands so there is always a spare in case one gets lost or needs washing.

Special Message from Bottle Snugglers®:


We are so glad you discovered Bottle Snugglers. These feeding time tools are designed to help busy moms and caregivers who occassionally need a free hand while feeing baby. Bottle Snugglers encourage bonding while allowing mom to continue to hold and cuddle a feeding baby while using her free hand to care for herself or another child. They are not intended for use during every feeding or be a substitute for a care-giver. Babies should never be left alone with a bottle, as choking can occur even in the best conditions. Bottle Snugglers should be considered as a "third hand" when you really need one.
What are Bottle Snugglers®?
Bottle Snugglers® - Feeding Time Helpers™ are lovable plush animal friends cleverly designed to support baby’s bottle at the same angle as Mom’s hand. Bottle Snugglers assist caregivers during baby’s feeding time and promote bonding. They make feedng time fun!


 What are the benefits of Bottle Snugglers?

They free up a hand!


They lend a helping hand, when baby is hungry, and mom needs to answer the phone, change the channel, eat a sandwich or help another child. Just insert the bottle into the Bottle Snuggler band, position it properly on the plush, and feed baby!

Great for parents with multiple children!
Perfect item for parents with multiple children. The Bottle Snuggler holds the bottle so you don't have to. Plus, their ears and tails crinkle, and their back leg squeaks, making them great for interactive play during baby’s feeding time. Bottle Snugglers are also great to promote bonding and play. 
What Feeding Time Friends are Available?

Bottle Snugglers are available in five fun friend styles:

Beautiful Bunny, Cuddly Cow, Pinky Pig, Precious Puppy, and Charming Teddy Bear

Beautiful Bunny Bottle Snuggler Feeding time helper
Beautiful Bunny
Cuddly Cow Bottle Snuggler Feeding time helper
Cuddly Cow
Pinky Pig Bottle Snuggler feeding time helper
Pinky Pig
Precious Puppy Bottle Snuggler feeding time helper
Precious Puppy
Charming Teddy Bear Bottle Snuggler feeding time helper
Charming Teddy Bear

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